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BigBluElephant was established in 2003 to provide site hosting services. In 2007 BigBlu was expanded to include freelance writing and editing services.

Why BigBlu?

We decided upon the BigBluElephant name after seeing a couple huge, inflatable gorillas (purple I believe) over a used car dealership around Minneapolis. Those floating gorillas caused us to wonder how many people chose that particular dealership because of the gorilla? We speculated about conversations taking place over the car paperwork, with the salesperson asking a couple buying the car; "So, tell me, what made you come to our dealership?" and the couple smile to each other and say "Why, the big purple gorilla, of course!" If it works for dealerships - it would work for an online business, of course! Besides, it's just kind of fun.

Karen Brown

A principal with BigBluElephant, Karen has been working in the IT industry for many years. Her IT experience includes business analysis, project management, networking, database creation and maintenance, document retention and organization. In addition to her IT experience, Karen is a published author. To contact Karen, email her at kbrown@bigbluelephant.com.

Troy Brown

A principal with BigBluElephant, Troy has been working in the electronic industry for many years. His experience includes networking, database creation and maintenance, and data security. To contact Troy, email him at tbrown@bigbluelephant.com.



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