We provide writing services to fill all needs. These services can be quoted on a per project, per word, per page, per hour.... whatever service fits your needs the best.

Feature Articles

Looking for a Feature Article on your company, service or promotional item? Do you have an idea for a feature article, but need help with writing the article? I provide a variety of services to help you get your article published from ghost writing to partnerships. Together we can publish your ideas or information.

Web content

Is your web site short on content? Do you need to spice it up to drive traffic your way? I can help you with all your site content needs. From one time publication to continued content cycling, together we can create a site that stays fresh.


Do you need content for your company newsletter or help in creating and publishing your newsletter? I can help. Whether you're looking for specific assignment completion or help designing a newsletter, I can help.

Brochures / Fliers

Do you need a brochure to highlight a new product or a flier to announce new services, we can help.

Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Need to spice up your resume for that new job search?

Press Releases

Press releases can get your company noticed. I can help you create the content that gets your item noticed by the newspapers.

Media Kits / Direct Mail

Need to create a media kit or direct mail item for a special function or announcement, we can help.

Promotional Copy

How about promotional copy to fill your company newsletters, brochures, media kits. Whatever your needs are, we can help.

Catalog Copy / Captions

Want some spicy captions to go with your catalog? This could be an online or paper catalog, either way, we can help.




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